Durolub DL series

the Durolub DL series are based on a ultra high molecular polymer and a high performance synthetic oil

at a glance

  • filled into all types and brands of bearings
  • contains 3-5 times more oil than normally greased bearings
  • NSF H1 / Halal and Kosher
  • cannot be washed out – very resistant against water
  • resistant against most chemicals
  • additional sealing effect – supports integrated seals
  • effectively reduced dripping-off effect – clean environment
  • no condensed water in the bearing
  • practically maintenance free – no relubrication
  • reduced maintenance cost
  • eco friendly

Details for Durolub DL series you find here

Durolub SLC series and other solid lubricant solutions

If normal grease or oil lubrication reaches the limitations then solid lubricants can be the solution. The solid lub – particles will be transferred onto the friction partners and reduce the friction and wear.

The efficiency of the lubrication is defined by the quality and the way / quality of applying the dry – lubricant and in case of mesh layer systems the direction of the lubricant.

Typical fields of application.

  • High temperatures up to 550°C
  • Low temperatures down to minus 180°C
  • Vacuum, high and ultra-high vacuum
  • Aggressive environmental conditions (acids / leaches / bioactive substances)
  • High hygienic / cleanliness demands
  • Radioactive surrounding
  • Low speeds
  • Very high loads / shock loads
  • Intermittent periodic duty / long standstills

The Durolub SLC series, is the high end solid lubrication solution. They are based on a solid lubricant combination and a high temperature resistant bonding agent

At a glance

  • filled into many types and brands of bearings
  • large stock of dry lubricant in the bearing
  • high temperature solution up to 350 °C
  • constant friction at very low and very high temperatures
  • very resistant against water and chemicals
  • no condensed water in the bearing
  • additional sealing effect
  • no dripping-off even at very high temperatures
  • no maintenance during operating life
  • elongated operating life in high temperature applications

Details for Durolub SLC series you find here

Durolub G-series

Bearings are always a system – it´s function is defined by the rings, the rolling elements, the cage and seals and often misprized, the lubrication.

Today there is a variety of different greases suitable for different applications. Especially for pre – greased, ready to mount bearing types such solutions are hardly available.

With the Durolub G-series we close this gap and make high performance grease available to these products.

Beside greasing we offer bearing modifications like clearance adjustments, coatings or pairing. If needed we can offer tailor made bearings solutions to optimize your benefit.

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