Following the most frequent questions we receive with Durolub DL / SLC / G series

How are the bearings marked and packed after filling?

The genuine marking of the bearing is neither changed, nor do we add any marking on the bearing. As far as possible we reuse the original box / carton and label these with a sticker “Durolub DL” (always with the correct Durolub name as per the order)

How to store Durolub bearings, how long can we store them?

For Durolub filled bearings the same conditions as for normal bearings apply. Store in a dry (max. humidity 60%) area with temperatures between 6°C and 25°C, avoid big temperature differences (max. difference day/night less than 8°K), no vibrations – aggressive media – aerosols – direct sunlight. we recommend to use Durolub DL bearings as soon as possible and not to store them longer than 3 years.

Does the colour of Durolub DL have any meaning? Can i have my own colour?

No, we supply mainly blue colour but also white colour. The colour is in the compound and can be changed. If you want your own colour then we need to ask for a minimum quantity. The base oil colour is always transparent / clear.

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