Durolub solutions

To reduce your maintenaince costs (TCO) while increasing the reliability and endurance of your operation by implementing an eco-friendly bearing lubrication, sounds unreal – but it´s not a miracle

Just advance to the next generation bearing lubrication – the Durolub series DL, SLC and G.

Today high end polymers are integrated part of our modern life, many things simply would not work as smooth as they do, without these state of the art materials. Now it´s time to make the next generation of bearing lubricants, containing such high end materials, available to everyone.

Durolub is an unlimited system and can be filled in any brand of bearings. You can use your favourite brand and benefit from additional performance by Durolub fillings. We also offer just the filling service for bearings sent to us.

Backed by 30 years of experience in developing and producing bearings we always support our customers to find the right manufacturer. Certain products, like kiln truck bearings, we produce ourselves.

Our website is made to introduce Durolub and to answer technical questions. However if you have any additional question whatsoever, don´t hesitate to contact us.