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The advantages of Durolub are used in many applications and branches. We have picked some major applications and show typical installations and the benefit you have using a Durolub lubricated bearing.

Why is it essential to care about lubrication?

Investigations of different sources always show the same or a very similar picture – the main reasons for premature bearing failures are lubrication related.

10% of the bearings are changed prematurely , about 9,5% during service and maintenance work and approximately 0,5% fail.

As there are no statistics for bearings changed during maintenance and repair, one can assume that the reasons for changing bearings during maintenance and repair are quite the same as for premature bearing failures.

In figures that means around 600 million bearings of every years production fail or need to be changed because of lubrication related reasons.

Bearings with integrated seals – factory lubricated

these are very convenient solutions for 90% of all applications. A “good enough, economical” standard grease, mostly based on mineral oil and lithium soap, is filled into the bearings which are sealed in different ways – ready to use.

The remaining 10% of the users have troubles to operate their machines to the planned life-span. Genuine solutions from the bearing makers are difficult to get and often extremely expensive.

Our lubrication solutions – independent and unlimited

We call our services independend and unlimited.

If you are satisfied with your actual bearing make but do not get the additional benefit of advanced lubrication, Durolub is anytime ready to fill your favourite brand.

Our services are unlimited, as we fill any suitable type of bearing with our products – there are many more options than you would expect.

Furthermore we are ready to fill bearings sent to us or to cooperate with your favourite supplier – there´s no need to blow up your supplier list or to purchase bearings from us.

Anyhow we have access to most of the European and Asian bearing producers. Backed up by 30 years of experience we are anytime ready for the full service, too.

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