Durolub SLC series

Durolub SLC is a mix of solid lubricants and a high temperature resistant bonding agent. The compound is filled into the free space of the bearing. After the thermal treatment the compound is solid.

Function in operation

The solid compound moves around together with the cage and the rolling elements. While moving small quantities of dry lubricant are transferred to the functional surfaces – raceways and rolling elements (transfer lubrication system with approx. 1 µm layer thickness). The lub – layer avoids metal contact, the bearing is lubricated as long as there is compound material left to be transferred.


Durolub SLC lubricated bearings are often used for high temperature applications above 250°C (e.g. in kiln truck bearings) and for applications with high physical demands (e.g. in vacuum) or at presence of aggressive media.

Durolub SLC is mainly used at low and moderate speeds. With increasing speed the operating life decreases disproportionately.

For the adjustment of the Durolub SLC systems we recommend on-field tests. Our application engineer will anytime support you with practical experience.

Advantages Durolub SLC

– Because of the high filling quantity the operating life is high. Compared to other solutions the life time often is astonishingly high

– Almost constant friction at high and low temperatures down to minus 180°C

– Can be used for constant operating temperature up to 350°C, short-time higher peak temperatures will not make the lubrication failing and cause only slightly higher oxidation (ageing)

– Extremely high loads (shock loads) can be absorbed by the lubrication layer without problems

– Extremely high resistance against water and chemicals

– No condensed water inside the bearings as the bearings are completely filled with compound

– No evaporation / dripping off and very constant against outgassing (Durolub SLC-V)

Which bearings can be lubricated with Durolub SLC

Basically Durolub SLC can be filled into all bearing types with an internal geometry allowing filling a pasty compound inside. The compound must be able to build a solid body.

Very suitable are deep groove ball bearings but we also fill spherical roller bearings and other bearing series.

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