DUROLUB G-series

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With the Durolub G-series we offer ready to assembly bearings with high performance lubricants.

As we are completely independent from both, bearing and lubricant manufacturer, we are in a position to work out the most beneficial solution for our customers.

Pre-greased bearings from the manufacturer

contain most of the times an economic universal grease, mostly based on lithium / mineral oil. Such grease is sufficient for the majority of the applications.

With critical application conditions like high or low temperatures, high or low speeds, changing temperatures, etc. the working life of the grease is limited. The possible bearing lifetime cannot be reached, the bearing fails prematurely.

Manufacturer of lubricants

Bearing manufacturer do not produce grease. Behind their marketing brands and suffixes are greases from well known lubricant manufacturers like Shell, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Castro, Bechem, Dupont, Fuchs, Klüber, LUBCON, Dow Corning, Kyodo Yushi, Total …..

Premium bearing manufacturers intensively test bearing greases and release lubricants which meet their demands. This is always done for particular products, never a lubricant manufacturer is released with his complete portfolio of products.

Availability of grease

Our database contains more than 300 different greases which are technically released from bearing manufacturers like SKF / FAG / INA / NTN / NSK / BARDEN. We prefer to use greases from this list or advanced variants.

This choice of greases covers almost all application challenges and are available to sealed, ready to mount bearing types – even at small quantities.

Delivery time / Minimum order quantities (MOQ)

We often supply small quantities at the beginning what allows our customers to check performance on site. The greasing will be done in just a few working days, the final delivery depends upon the the delivery time of the bearing or the grease.

We only keep fast moving grease in stock as bearing grease storage time is limited.

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